Both hourly and fixed rate costs can vary based on factors such as the size of the project, complexity of the design, desired functionality, and extra features. To obtain an accurate quote for the cost of a certain project, contact me to discuss the project you have in mind!

Hourly Rates

Service Hourly Rate
Web Development $28
Web Design $25
Shared Hosting Setup $25
SEO & Performance Free
*Ongoing Updates & Maintenance $25

Fixed Rates

Fixed rate prices are available upon request. To obtain a fixed rate quotation, contact me and provide the following information about the project:

  1. Number of pages
  2. Brief explanation of design preferences
  3. Preferred timeline for completion
  4. Desired features and functionality

Payment Plans

Payment plans options include weekly or by project milestone. Invoices are sent electronically via PayPal at the frequency determined by the chosen payment plan. Quotations will be provided per project to outline the cost and plan.

Other Expenses

Additional expenses for a project can include purchasing a shared hosting plan, a domain name, and stock images.

Websites will need to be hosted using a third-party service such as Hostinger or HostGator. Hosting plans are usually around $10 per month. Domain names are usually between $10 and $15 per year. Once development of the project is complete, the next step would be to purchase one of these plans and grant me developer access to set up the site. Any stock images or paid resources requested for the project can either be purchased by you or included in the invoice.